Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune | Gentle Archetypal Yoga Practice | Erin Aylmer

The Sun entered Pisces on Feb 18 and will finish its year long cycle through the zodiac on Mar 19. Because Neptune is currently in its home sign of Pisces the Sun will be making a conjunction from Feb 23 through Mar 27.

This is a special window to align with the cosmos and actualize your spiritual nature. It is a supportive time to attune to the element of water, listen to your dreams and merge into Divine Union with all that is.

This can also be a disorienting and confusing time as the boundaries of the ego dissolve and reality does not appear as we knew it to be, or you may feel overloaded with psychic energies of all kinds.

In this gentle yoga practice, I welcome you to set intentions for navigating the flow of this watery terrain in ways that illuminate your imagination, attune to your artistic musings and tap into your subtle awareness. My hope is that you may be able to draw on the more invisible sources of inspiration available to you for direction in your spiritual life.

"Keep calm and Pisces on." - The Universe

This practice is suitable for all levels of practitioners of yoga. I recommend having a yoga mat, 2 blocks, bolster, yoga blanket and eye pillow.


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