Moon in Sagittarius Hatha Flow - November 15, 2020

This yoga practice invites you to feel the holistic nature of Sagittarius in your own body. From the way your awareness expands through your whole body to how you seek out new territory in the poses, you will get a felt-sense for the archetypal principle of Sagittarian energy.

Sagittarius energy is an exploratory energy that wants to broaden the horizon. At the core of its archetypal essence, it is the seeker. It seeks to expand awareness through growing big. Growing big the mind, growing big the heart, growing big the consciousness. Through travel, philosophy and higher education, it celebrates the whole world.

“May we shine loving energy to the whole body, to the whole world, in celebration of unity through diversity.”

This practice is suitable for all levels with some experience in flow yoga. Recommended props: yoga mat, 2 blocks, bolster, yoga blanket, eye pillow


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© 2020

Erin Aylmer

Counseling Astrologer & E-RYT 500