Mercury-Pluto: Transforming Consciousness - archetypal yoga flow - Jan 3, 2021

This yoga practice aligns with the current Mercury-Pluto conjunction that began on Dec 26, 2020, peaked on Jan 4, 2021 and completes on Jan 14. The very purpose or dharma of yoga is in service to the transformation of our consciousness. It is a stepping stone, or a gateway to the practice and imperience of stilling the monkey mind.

In this class we take a moment to allow whatever needs to arise in the mind to do so. We practice detachment from out thoughts so that we may understand that we are not our thoughts. By creating this space between the witness of our thoughts and the thoughts themselves, we allow space for love to enter.

"We come to our mats to move energy in the body so that we can sit quietly." - Erin

This practice is suitable for all levels of practitioners with some experience of flow based yoga. Recommended props: yoga mat, 2 blocks, bolster, yoga blanket, eye pillow


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