Jupiter Hatha Flow - November 8, 2020

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

This yoga practice invites you to feel the abundant and expansive presence of Jupiter in your own body. From the way the breath expands through your lungs to how your intention expands from you heart, you will get a felt-sense for the archetypal principle of Jupitarian energy.

We celebrated the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction that ushered in a hopeful presidential election. The emphasis is on Jupiter because of the overwhelmingly positive reaction nation-wide to the announcement of Biden-Harris winning the election.

“Jupiter weaves blessings into the experience of whatever it touches. To feel this, feel yourself being breathed.”

This practice is suitable for all levels with some experience in flow yoga. Recommended props: yoga mat, 2 blocks, bolster, yoga blanket, eye pillow


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Erin Aylmer

Astrologer & Yoga Teacher