Hi there! I'm Erin, a Capricorn rising, Sagittarius Sun and Pisces Moon. Here's a brief rundown on my training and experience.

Welcome! I'm Erin Aylmer and I am a counseling astrologer and an archetypal yoga teacher. My work as an astrologer combines archetypal knowledge and astrological technique within the container of a therapeutic relationship. Sensitive themes can sometimes come through an astrology session. As a trauma aware practitioner, I hold safe space so that you can more fully integrate the information you receive toward healing and growth.


My background is a tapestry of archetypal astrology, yoga, tarot, ceremonial work and counseling. I offer an embodied approach to learning astrology and I am a trauma informed yoga teacher with an emphasis in yoga therapy for anxiety.

My continued training consists of an apprenticeship with Jessica DiRuzza of trustpsyche (where I earned my certification in astrological counseling) and I am working on a graduate certificate in counseling with an emphasis in systemic couple and family therapy at Capella University. My intention is to weave astrology, yoga and therapeutic counseling into a supportive practice that will meet you where you are feeling most called. 


  • Graduate Certificate in Counseling: Systemic Couple & Family Therapy with Capella University (in progress)

  • Astrological Counseling with trustpsyche

  • Residential Counselor at C-V Ranch (a therapeutic residence for children)

  • Ceremonialist for small groups


  • Initiation to Archetypal Astrology with trustpsyche

  • Deepen Your Astrological Practice with trustpsyche

  • Tarot & Flow: Integrating Astrology & Tarot with Matthew Stelzner

  • Astrological Counseling with trustpsyche

  • Archetypal & Holotropic Astrology with Renn Butler (in progress)


  • 200hr Hatha Yoga with Reflections Yoga

  • 200hr Anusara Elements with It's Only a Dance

  • 300hr Advanced Hatha Yoga with It's Only a Dance

  • 40hr Trauma Informed Teaching with My Vinyasa Practice

  • 40hr Yoga Nidra with My Vinyasa Practice

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Erin Aylmer

Counseling Astrologer & E-RYT 500